Professional Colortune Kits
Professional Colortune Kits
£ 70.00

The Professional Motorcycle Colortune can have up to four clear spark plugs that lets you look into all combustion chambers at the same time while the engine is firing.
Depending which number of plugs you pick you will also get the same number of viewerscopes, HT extensions etc. So if you buy for example 3x plugs then you are getting 3x complete Colortune kits in the hard carry case.

With the carburettor mixture screws you can then adjust the flame colours to get the correct mixtures on all cylinders at the same time. You can do one at a time with the standard motorcycle Colortune but it's simpler with the professional model.

Also available is the multiple Professional Colortune kit that comes complete with one 10mm, one 12mm and one 14mm plug so you can tune just about any bike in the garage.

Supplied with viewerscopes for bright light conditions, and viewing in recessed engines.

Available in 10, 12 & 14mm, in kits of 1 - 4 plugs. 
Large Hard Carry Case - will hold up to 4 plugs and the other Colortune components
Can also be used on cars

The basic price for the Professional Motorcycle Colortune is £70.

Two 10mm (or 12mm or 14mm or any mix) plug kit £70

Three 10mm (or 12mm or 14mm or any mix) plug kit £92

Four 10mm (or 12mm or 14mm or any mix) plug kit £110

Or you can have any mix of plugs.

Professional Motorcycle Colortune special mix kit contains one 10mm plug, one 12mm plug and one 14mm plug in the hard case. This will cover virtually the entire motorcycle range and let you do most any motorcycle. £92. Or you can have any mix of plugs. 

Remember you can only the same total number of plugs that you pick and pay for
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