Colortune Single Plug Kit
£ 40.00
Motorcycle Colortune 
The Colortune has a clear spark plug that lets you look into the combustion chamber while the engine is firing. The colour of the combustion flame tells you if the mixture is correct. With the carburettor mixture screw you can then adjust the flame colour to get the correct mixture.
Supplied with a viewerscope for bright light conditions, and viewing in recessed engines
The Colortune is £40. If you buy several products together you will get an offer price.

We have all kits now, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and "A" Colortune kits at the moment. 
The Colortune "A" kit is a complete 14mm single plug Colortune kit with extra spare 10mm and 12mm plugs. With these 3 plugs it will fit most any motorcycle. If you work on several bikes this kit is best value at £69. (Bought separately it would cost £80)
See this page for full details and pick the correct size Colortune to fit your vehicle.
Delivery is £2 in the UK,  £3 airmail to Europe and £5 airmail to the USA, Japan, Australia, N Zealand.  £12 Rest of World


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