Colortune loose Plugs
£ 20.00
Colortune loose Plugs
We have 10mm and 14mm Colortune loose plugs in stock. When the 12mm becomes available we will put it on the shopping cart.
12mm Colortune loose plug is not available at the moment.  
You can buy extra clear plugs for different sizes of engine. They work with the Colortune kit. The complete range of motorcycles is generally covered by three sizes, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm. They cost £20 each. These are Colortune see-through plugs and work with any size engine that they fit. They come as individual plugs WITHOUT the HT lead, extensions, viewerscope etc.  They can be used with a Colortune kit you already have. They are not the adapters that can only be used with larger capacity engines. 1 plug is £20 pounds.   2 plugs for £36.   3 plugs for £51

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