Carbtune Pro 4-column, Toolpouch, Colortune single plug and other variations.
£ 102.00
Carbtune Pro 4-column, Toolpouch and Colortune single plug and other variations.
4-column Carbtune Pro and Colortune combination £102 (sold separately £108) save £6.
Delivery is £2 in the UK,  £3 airmail to Europe and £5 airmail to the USA, Japan, Australia, N Zealand.  £12 Rest of World + Canada
(Separate delivered price to USA £113, combination offer delivered price to USA £107)
See this page for full details and what size Colortune will fit your vehicle.

We have 10mm, 12mm and 14mm Colortune Kits.  

Colortune "A" kit is a complete 14mm single plug Colortune kit with extra spare 10mm and 12mm plugs. With these 3 plugs it will fit most any motorcycle. The "A" kit has a £32 supplement (to cover the 2 extra plugs) that is added when you make pick from box below.

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