Carbtune Pro 2-column and Toolpouch
£ 54.00
Automatic upgrade to 2x5mm and 2x6mm brass adapters for free.

Carbtune Pro 2-column
The new upgraded Carbtune Pro kit comes complete with Toolpouch, nitrile hoses, 5mm and 6mm brass adapters to fit virtually any motorcycle, restricters, comprehensive instructions and warranty. Please note New Toolpouch as in photos from 5pm 23rd January 2018
The 2-col Carbtune Pro will work on twins.
£54 for the Carbtune Pro 2-col and Toolpouch.
The Toolpouch stores the Carbtune and accessories in a neat protective padded nylon case.
Delivery is £2 in the UK,  £3 airmail to Europe and £5 airmail to the USA, Japan, Australia, N Zealand.  £12 Rest of World + Canada
The 2-col Carbtune is identical in size and design to the 4-col Carbtune except it only has two column tubes and two each of the other components.

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