90 Degree Bevel Screwdriver
£ 44.00
90 degree Bevel Screwdriver. In stock.
The Bevel 90: Carburettor Pilot Adjustment Tool - Makes pilot jet adjustment easy! Professional quality tool for adjusting those inaccessible pilot/idle jet adjusting screws. With two interchangeable bevel drive heads and seven extra bits (2 x star head, 5 x slot head)  it enables adjustment of just about any awkward pilot screw. £44 for this quality tool. Professional 90 degree screwdriver. 480mm long (19 inches) approx. Only 32mm clearance needed for standard head with small slot screw.  The second bevel drive head holds the seven extra bits supplied with the kit.
Also available as a £6 extra option when bought with Bevel 90 is a 3rd extra bevel head (last 4 photos on this page) that has a standard hex drive to accept any screwdriver bit you have (the same type hex you get on a powered screwdriver). So it will accept any power screwdriver bit such as a slot, phillips, pozi, torx or any bit that fits your screwdriver.
You can also buy the extra bevel head for £8 by itself in case you already have the Bevel Svrewdriver.
Bevel 90 comes in a quality heavy moulded plastic box.

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